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Industrial Cleaning

Leader in providing industrial cleaning, emergency spill response, and environmental service.


CCS Proven Leader in Industrial Cleaning.

CCS has been a leader in providing industrial cleaning, emergency spill response, and environmental service to a wide range of clients in the pulp & paper, forest products, chemical, petrochemical, metals, manufacturing, construction, agriculture, and marine industries for over two decades for major Shutdown and Turn Around projects as well as medium and smaller day to day work. CCS also has a continuing history of working with local, state, and federal public agencies as both clients and partners in emergency, environmental, construction, maintenance and other public sector projects.

Among the Industrial Cleaning Services we offer are Hydroblasting, Boiler Fireside Cleaning, Recovery Boiler Smelt Bed Removal,Vacuum Trucks, Sweeping, Tank Cleaning, Hydro Excavating, Stormwater Maintenance, and Pressure Washing; Emergency Spill Response, Remediation, Decontamination, UST and other Environmental services; Hazardous and Non-Hazardous Waste Transportation and Disposal; all of which contribute to being able to offer simplified support sourcing for our customers with a comprehensive package of services from a primary source.

Because we have an experienced management and service staff, with many long-term employees, our range of expertise, services, and equipment that we offer continues to expand in scope and depth year over year as we grow and evolve to meet our customers changing needs.


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No industrial cleaning job is too large or too small for CCS.


CCS-Industrial Services provides industrial cleaning and spill response to almost every pulp and paper mill in the Pacific Northwest. We also service major oil companies and a wide range of manufacturing and industrial clients. CCS has demonstrated its ability to complete large and complex industrial cleaning challenges on schedule, within budget, and in compliance with the most stringent industrial health & safety programs. No industrial cleaning job is too large or too small for CCS.

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PNE Co. has an impeccable safety record with four-year Experience Modification Rating (EMR), OSHA Total Recordable Incident Rate (TRIR), and Lost Time Rates well below environmental remediation, electrical, and construction industry averages.

The PNE Co. commitment to employee health and safety is reflected in its programs for new hire screening and orientation, regulatory testing and training, and job and hazard specific education. These efforts are supported by the PNE Co. Safety Incentive Program that encourages and rewards safe work habits. PNE employs three full-time Health & Safety Department professionals experienced in high-voltage electrical systems, general construction, waste management and disposal, industrial cleaning, emergency response, and environmental remediation. GRS subcontractors are selected based upon their EMR, TRIR, and the strength of their health and safety programs.

Founded in 1989
Our renewed vision is to become a national provider of customer solutions in our markets.

CCS – All About Solutions. We will provide the best possible solutions to our customers which exceed their expectations and gain their trust through exceptional performance by every member of our team. We will perform our work with safety, integrity and pride.

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    CCS is a unique company to work for in that it offers its employees such a diverse group of job opportunities under one roof.


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    CCS is a unique company to work for in that it offers its employees such a diverse group of job opportunities under one roof. Where else will you find industrial work, Emergency Response, Marine Spill response, Hazardous Materials Handling, Hydro Demolition and Hydroblasting-Truck driving and operations for Tankers and Vacuum trucks–ALL at the same place AND a great benefits package, including, Medical, Dental, & 401k. The opportunities are endless at CCS, and YOU are the only one that can limit your potential.

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